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Celebrating a Generous Donation: A Gift from the Crane Fund!

Huge donor check being handed over t hosea house
Nick Franzen Hands Hosea House Staff a Check from the Crane Fund

It's not every day that we're met with such heartwarming news that rekindles our faith in the power of community and the spirit of giving. We recently received an uplifting nomination from none other than Nick Franzen of Crane. With his endorsement, we have been privileged to accept a bountiful donation of $4,500 from the Crane Fund for Widows and Children.

About the Crane Fund for Widows and Children

This revered fund stands as a testament to Crane's commitment to enrich the lives of underserved sections of society, particularly in communities where they have a footprint. The outreach of their benevolence isn't just local but spans the globe. Their support extends to relief agencies worldwide and notably sponsors educational opportunities via school scholarships in both the US and Canada.

Our team is overwhelmed by the magnitude of this honor and the trust placed in us. This magnanimous donation will significantly fuel our mission to combat hunger in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati regions. To every individual associated with this mission, each plate we serve will be a reflection of your generosity.

The Legacy of R.T. Crane

Imgae of Founder R.T. Crane

The Crane Fund draws inspiration from a profound statement made by R.T. Crane in 1904. He remarked, “a loyal employee gives something besides his labor and the employer should recognize that fact.” In keeping with this sentiment, he earmarked a whopping one million dollars for the well-being of his workforce. Upon his passing in 1912, his family transformed his vision into a tangible entity, and two years later, The Crane Fund was born.

Since its inception in 1914 as a private charitable trust, The Crane Fund has remained unwavering in its mission.

The fund extends its assistance to erstwhile Crane employees and their dependents who, due to age or physical disability, find themselves in challenging circumstances. A dedicated Board of Trustees and a Pension Committee, under the aegis of Crane's Board of Directors, ensures that the fund stays true to its mission.

For those who once worked under the Crane banner or know someone who did, valuable information regarding the application process for The Crane Fund awaits.

A Note of Gratitude

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Nick and every dedicated soul at Crane. Your daily endeavors to create a ripple of positive change do not go unnoticed. Here's to many more collaborations and shared missions in the future!




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