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We're Hiring! Lead Chef/Cook

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Hosea House is hiring

Job Description June 2023

Title: Lead Chef/Cook

Job Summary: As Lead Chef, the person is responsible for the complete preparation of the daily meal for our clients.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Menu/meal planning & preparation to serve 100-120 clients at 4 pm.

  • Determines amount of food to prepare from existing food stock; includes the protein, starch, vegetable, and dessert for the evening meal. Including removing frozen items in advance of need.

  • Maintains accurate records of the food prepared and used.

  • Develops & maintains standardized recipes.

  • Assist with storage, recording and processing of food stocks and volunteer donations.

  • Keeps track of depleting items for ordering from the vendor(s)

  • The kitchen must be kept clean. Daily sanitizing the kitchen equipment, surfaces, sinks and floor.

  • Wash and store all kitchen pots and pans used for the meal.

  • Ensure all NKY Board of Health food safety routines are strictly adhered to.

  • Greet the nightly volunteers, instruct them on serving portions, and supplying them with food for the meal.

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the operations manager.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Commercial, retail, or similar meal preparation and mass cooking experience.

  • Ability to daily coordination of the site & kitchen for meal preparation.

  • Possessing or obtaining the Certified Food Service Manager certification from the NKY Board of Health within 90 days of employment.

  • Physically able to lift and carry at least 30 pounds.

  • Proven experience handling multiple duties and completing assigned tasks accurately and on time.

  • The position requires a flow to the work mentality. Demonstrated experience working effectively within a team.

Starts at $15.90. Looking for part-time or full-time

Ten days of paid time off

Two weeks of paid vacation to be offered in increments in the first year.

Resumes should be sent to or mailed to 901 York Street, Newport, KY 41071. Inquiries about the position can be made via email or phone are supply 859-261-5857.




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