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Fighting Hunger in Northern Kentucky

In the heart of Kentucky, too many of our neighbors struggle with the uncertainty and hardship of not having enough food. At Henry Hosea House, we see daily the faces of those affected—families, elderly individuals, and children whose situations have left them in need. Our mission goes beyond providing meals; we strive to nourish bodies and uplift spirits, offering a beacon of hope in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

Understanding the Challenge of Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is more than just hunger. It’s about not knowing where your next meal is coming from. In our community, this issue touches people from all walks of life and its impacts are deep, affecting not only health but also the ability to engage fully in work, school, and social interactions. Here in Kentucky, our state ranks alarmingly high for food insecurity among adults aged 50-59, showcasing a need that cannot be ignored.

At Henry Hosea House, we meet this need head-on every day, providing warm, nutritious meals to anyone who walks through our doors. But the true heart of our mission lies in the sense of community we build—the smiles, the conversations, and the shared experiences that weave a fabric of support and care.

Our Approach to Nourishing and Supporting Our Community

Each day at Henry Hosea House is filled with stories of resilience and hope. By serving meals, we do so much more than feed the hungry; we create a place where people can find comfort and companionship. We serve everyone with dignity and respect, offering a haven from the hardships they face outside our walls.

Beyond our daily meals, we are committed to fighting food waste, a crucial step towards sustainability. Last year alone, we rescued over 56,000 pounds of food. By partnering with local businesses, we redirect food that would otherwise go to waste to fill plates and nourish our community. This effort not only helps those in need but also protects our environment by reducing methane emissions from landfills.

How You Can Help

The fight against food insecurity is a community effort, and there are several ways you can stand with us:

  1. Volunteer: Join us at Henry Hosea House, where you can serve meals, assist in food preparation, or help with our food rescue operations. Every hand makes a difference, bringing warmth and efficiency to our efforts.

  2. Donate: Your financial contributions are vital. They allow us to buy necessary supplies and sustain our day-to-day operations. Every dollar you donate helps us keep our doors open and our kitchen running.

  3. Contribute Supplies: We are always in need of food donations and kitchen supplies. Whether you’re a local farmer, a restaurant owner, or a home gardener, your excess produce can help feed someone in need. We also welcome donations of personal hygiene products and other essentials.

  4. Spread the Word: Talk about Henry Hosea House and the issue of food insecurity with your friends, family, and colleagues. Awareness is the first step towards action. Share our stories and the tangible ways we make a difference.

  5. Advocate: Support local and national policies that aim to reduce hunger and improve food security. Your voice can help bring about change that benefits the entire community.

We are more than just a soup kitchen; we are a community of hope and healing. By joining hands with us, you are helping to alleviate hunger; you are helping to strengthen our community, build resilience, and spread kindness.

We invite you to join this vital mission. Your involvement can transform lives, no matter how small. Together, we can ensure that no one in our community has to face the day hungry. Join us in this heartfelt endeavor to make Kentucky a place where everyone can access the necessary nourishment.




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