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Henry Hosea House Soup Kitchen Announces New Partnership with Chick-fil-A and Last Mile Food Rescue

Newport, KY, June 25, 2024 — Henry Hosea House, a dedicated soup kitchen in Newport, Kentucky, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Chick-fil-A and Last Mile Food Rescue of Cincinnati. This collaboration aims to combat hunger and provide vital resources to those in need. As part of this partnership, Chick-fil-A will donate food items three times a week and with the help of Last Mile Food Rescue, get the food items to Henry Hosea House.

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This partnership highlights Chick-fil-A's and Last Mile Food Rescue's commitment to supporting local non-profit organizations and addressing food insecurity. Their contributions will significantly enhance Henry Hosea House's ability to provide meals to individuals and families in our community.

"We are incredibly grateful to Chick-fil-A and Last Mile Food Rescue for their generous support," said Lauren Cavanaugh, Executive Director of Henry Hosea House. "This partnership will help us reach more people in need and substantially impact our community. Together, we are making strides towards a hunger-free future."

Chick-fil-A's regular donations of food items will be a valuable addition to Henry Hosea House's mission to feed the hungry, ensuring that more families have access to the food they need. Last Mile Food Rescue, known for its innovative approach to reducing food waste and delivering surplus food to those in need, will be crucial in transporting and distributing these donations efficiently.

"We are excited to partner with Henry Hosea House and Chick-fil-A in this important initiative," said Crystal Cottrill, of Last Mile Food Rescue. "By working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of many individuals and families facing food insecurity."

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in Henry Hosea House's mission to feed the hungry. The organization looks forward to a successful partnership with Chick-fil-A and Last Mile Food Rescue and to the positive impact it will have on those it serves.

For more information about this partnership and how you can support Henry Hosea House's mission, please visit 

About Henry Hosea House

Henry Hosea House is a non-profit soup kitchen in Newport, Kentucky, dedicated to providing food, shelter, and support to individuals and families in need. Since its founding, Henry Hosea House has been committed to offering essential services and support to the community and striving toes of those it serves improve the liv.

About Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a national fast-food restaurant chain known for its high-quality food and exceptional customer service. Committed to giving back to its communities, Chick-fil-A supports various charitable initiatives and partnerships nationwide.

About Last Mile Food Rescue

Last Mile Food Rescue is dedicated to ending food insecurity and waste by rescuing desirable food for those who need it most. Powered by volunteers and the Last Mile app, 3.8 million pounds of food were picked-up and delivered to local partner agencies in 2023. Thanks to a network of more than 100 food donors, more than 800 volunteer Food Rescue Heroes and more than 170 partner agencies, over 300,000 pounds of excess food is being saved from landfills monthly. For more information, visit or call directly at 513-449-1698. The app is available for download on Apple or Google Play.   



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