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An Open Appeal to Our Supporters

Hello Family, Friends and Supporters

Lauren Cavanaugh, Executive Director
Lauren Cavanaugh, Executive Director

Words alone cannot express my gratitude for your support of the Henry Hosea House. It is because of your belief in our Mission that we have been able to serve over 9,000 meals so far this year. And it is because of you that we are on track to serve over 40,000 meals to those in need by the end of 2023! I would like to take a moment to share with you Chris’s story. On a cold February day, Chris walked into the Henry Hosea House hungry, homeless, and struggling to stay sober. He was greeted by our friendly and dedicated team of volunteers who served him a hot meal. Before Chris left for the evening, he asked the Hosea House staff for help finding community resources. We connected Chris with the resources he needed. And today I am beyond excited to announce that Chris has a full-time job, a place to live, and has maintained his sobriety. I am excited to announce three new ways to give: Recurring Giving using Stripe - Our goal is to recruit 100 donors, who are willing to commit to a monthly recurring gift of $25.00, or $300 annually. If we are to reach our goal, it will mean an additional $30,000 toward funding the Mission of the Henry Hosea House. Stock Transfer/Qualified Charitable Donation- Please consider whether an in-kind stock transfer or a Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD) may be right for you. If you have questions regarding either of these options, please contact me to discuss them in further detail. Your support does make a lasting impact in our community. Please consider joining us by making your gift online or by sending a check to:

Henry Hosea House

901 York Street Newport, KY 41071 Best Wishes, Lauren Cavanaugh Executive Director



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