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Hosea Helps: Join Us for Giving Tuesday, Cincinnati Gives, and Discover Our New Video Series!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Changing Lives and Nourishing Hope

We are excited to share a unique opportunity to witness the heartwarming activities behind the scenes at the Hosea House Soup Kitchen. It's where staff, volunteers, and diners unite to create a symphony of support and resilience. Our new video series invites you to understand why Hosea House is more than just a soup kitchen – it's a haven of respite, love, and collective efforts for the greater good.

Behind the Scenes at Hosea House

In our video, you'll meet the dedicated people who make Hosea House an endearing place in our community. It's a touching exploration of the daily operations and the impact of our work on those we serve. This inside look reveals the true essence of Hosea House: a community bound by the shared goal of helping others, where every small gesture culminates into a grand melody of hope.

Giving Tuesday at Hosea House

Join us on November 28 for Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to global generosity and community transformation. Your contributions on this day are vital to continue feeding people under challenging circumstances in our area. By clicking the "Donate Now" button, you're not just giving funds; you're giving hope and fostering positive change, one act of kindness at a time.

The 2023 Cincinnati Gives Challenge

We are also thrilled to announce our participation in the Cincinnati Gives Challenge, hosted by Cincinnati Magazine. This spirited fundraising competition brings local charities together in a friendly contest to raise funds. The top earners win additional cash prizes, and your support can make a significant difference.

The Challenge begins on November 27 at 5 p.m. ET and ends on December 7 at 5 p.m. ET. Join us in this exciting initiative and help us make a meaningful impact in our community.

Your Role in Our Digital Outreach

As a valued member of the Hosea House family, your voice matters, especially on social media. We encourage you to join our digital outreach by sharing our specially designed graphics on your social platforms. Your shares will help amplify our message, extend our reach, and increase awareness of our mission.

Together, let's harness the power of social media to create a more significant impact. Access our Social Media Kit today and start sharing!

At Hosea House, every action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger purpose. Whether through Giving Tuesday, the Cincinnati Gives Challenge, or our digital outreach efforts, your support is crucial. Join us in changing lives and nourishing hope. Together, we can create a community where everyone thrives.



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